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Personal coaching within the Ayurveda Life Training program which is based on Ayurveda, strengths-based and spiritual development. 

Do you seriously want to make a change but are stuck? Do you know what you want to change but lack the tools…

Or if you would like to change your situation, in your life, privately, in your relationship or something else that you just want to turn in another direction? Welcome to take contact for more information.

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Are you curious about what Ayurveda is and in what way it can be helpful during life’s different stages such as health, food, exercise, sexuality and intimacy, dying process…

If you are a group of people that want to find out more, book a lecture on the theme you would like to explore.

In a workshop, we spend more time, often one-two or maybe three days, exploring ourselves together with others, on how we can use Ayurveda to develop and create a viable life physically, mentally and spiritually. 

With the help of Ayurveda, yoga, breathing, meditation, various exercises and tools as well as in dialogue with others, you will learn the different aspects that Ayurveda is based on.

Ayurveda Life Training

Eva Schinkler is one of Sweden’s foremost profiles in Ayurveda. She has worked with Ayurveda with her own practice for almost 30 years, is a lecturer, author and is the founder of the Ayurveda Life Training and Coaching Program.

To support people to lifelong health and healing physically, mentally and spiritually, we need a holistic view of what it is that makes us healthy. That is what Ayurveda, with its thousands of years of wisdom, can offer us.

“Too much time is spent on what makes us sick, and it’s always what we focus on that grows… So learn the ability to focus on what you want more of in your life, a healthy and viable life, and that’s what grows instead.”.

Self-assessment tests


With the help of the simplified test about the different personality profiles Vata, Pitta and Kapha, you can assess your own personality profile.


Find out your strengths and talents with the help of this simplified self-assessment test.

Here are the books that I have written “Vitality in Everyday Life – inspired of Ayurveda” and “The Art of Eating – with inspiration from Ayurveda”. With these books, I want to inspire you to dare to live life to the fullest. Here you will also find the articles that have been written about me and my work. 

"At some point, you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening".

Welcome to my library and be inspired by the collection of my own as well as other’s videos and publications.

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