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Ayurveda is an ancient, traditional medicine and wisdom of life from the Indian subcontinent that is more than 5,000 years old and defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The focus of Ayurveda is on predictive, promoting and personalized healing art. It is obtained through a personal consultation on lifestyle measures where yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are part of the behavioral tools available in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda also has a long tradition, knowledge and proven experience of how to work with health and well-being from pregnancy, during the different life cycles, to healthy aging and to a peaceful death. 

Briefly one can describe that Ayurveda focuses on relationships and sees an individual not just as a package of organs and tissues, but as a system of interactions between everything in the body and its environment, which creates its functions.

The communication in this more complex view of how everything is intertwined, takes place trough channels in the body called srotas. Some of the channels conform to the Western view of channels, such as blood vessels and intestinal tracts, while others are more subtle. This method of communication is more similar to the theories of modern Western science in quantum physics.

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Another significant skill in Ayurveda is the tridosha system.

This unique threefold classification, the tridosha system, is a subtle principle that governs the physiological and psychological activities of the individual.

The three principle are:

Vata – movement.

Pitta – transformation

Kapha – cohesion

Through this approach where each individual has his or her specific constitution of these three principals, here it is important to understand that for the same type of symptoms there can be different forms of treatment to restore balance. In other words, there is no such thing as “one treatment fits all”.

Vata, Pitta and Kapha

We are all part of the energy of the Universe and it is in every living being on earth. With nature and its structure, we are all connected. There is really nothing strange about that, but completely understandable, when we consider that we have arisen from nature and the universe from the beginning. Ayurveda helps us become aware of our connection to nature and how it affects us using the five elements.

Space – Air – Fire – Water – Earth

These elements, and their combination in us humans, determine our unique constitution that manifests itself in body and mind. These unique constitutions are called Doshas in Ayurveda.

There are three types of Doshas:

VATA, made up of space and air, governs all movement and space in the body and mind.

PITTA, consist of fire and a little water and controls heat, metabolism, digestion and other conversion processes in the body and mind.

KAPHA, made up of water and earth, is a watery texture that binds together components of the body and provides stability in the mind.

A large part of our imbalances and illnesses are a consequence of the lack of attention to our body and mind signals. When we are out of balance and get different symptoms, it is because there is an imbalance in the doshas.

Then toxin (poisons) are formed and blockage of energy points in the body which, when accumulated, form ill health and finally disease physically, mentally and or spiritual/existentially.

When we are in balance, we have a greater ability to listen to our body and mind. With the help of knowledge from Ayurveda, we can take balancing measures based on our unique composition of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

The sooner we can start to correct an incipient imbalance, the less force we need to put in to create well-being again. To make a diagnosis based on the doshas and take the Ayurvedic medical measures, you should contact an Ayurveda doctor.

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Ayurvedisk föreläsning
Ayurveda life training, coaching
Coaching in the Ayurveda Life Training Program

A viable coaching for lasting change! 

We all know that life contains many nuances, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s a struggle. When things go the way we want them to, everything is ok. The day something happens, we might get sick, or someone close to us gets sick, or we have problems with the work, we lose motivation for the life we live, we get relationship problems, etc.

That’s when we need “tools” to get through the crocked path of life that arises. The vast majority of us need help and support to be able to see the different choices we can take. We need support as we grope in the shadow of the life we would like to live.

Ayurveda Life Coaching

If we understand that when life hurts, physically, mentally and/or existentially, it is our inner self that cries our for help. All different symptoms are a signal that we need to listen inwardly. To our inner voice to find the answers on how to move forward. Most of us don’t always know what it is we need to change in our lives. We may not even know we need to change something, but just feel that something is not right.

Most of us lack self-love. This contributes to us choosing to live a life of lack. Lack of love, lack of money, lack of trust, lack of health, lack of friends etc without us even having thought about it.

This coaching is a support where you are coached from a holistic perspective where we highlight physical, mental, and spiritual parts of you.

We go through your constitution based on the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The three psychological qualities of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas and much more. All based on a strengths-based approach. This means that, in every problem, we find your strength to also move from the situation you are in, to what you which to be.

Daring to open up to your own strength and self-love is breathtaking. This is where your fears end and you can begin to live in harmony with your self. When we fully accept ourselves and embrace ourselves with love, only then can we bring compassion and love to those around us. It all starts with ourselves. 

With yoga exercises, breathing exercises and meditations on different aspects together with a wide range of “tools”, we create an action plan/vision for where you want to go. If you are open to exploring yourself, to look at your blockages that are preventing you from living to the fullest you are on the right path here.

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Ayurveda livskraft i vardagen
Coaching till ett livskraftigt liv och en fridfull död
Coaching to a Vibrant Life and to a Peaceful Death

If you or a loved ones are on their way to the end of life, this can be a powerful time to create balance and peace before the transition.

To live a life-giving, conscious life where we can become more at peace with ourselves and with our life situation, it is very much about understanding what it means to live in harmony with the nature, our surroundings and with ourselves. It’s about integrating our mind, body and soul with life as it is, to be able to accept the present, to at the same time become aware of how we are involved in influencing our future.

To be able to live 100 % we need to embrace the realization that one day our life will end and that we will leave our physical body and go over to the other sida. If we can integrate this insight, we can let go of fear and we can live fully, regardless of circumstances. It is in that acceptance that things balance themselves effortlessly. This effortless way of life is found in Ayurveda.

To dare to approach the realization that our physical life is finite, that one day we will take our last breath, is one of the greatest developmental processes we can go through in this life. In principle, none of us have been given knowledge of what dying and death means. We are usually left empty-handed when we realize the fact that we are going to die or when a loved one is dying.

The best way to prepare for death is to live a life fully with who we are, to follow your heart and create actions that you won’t have to regret later in life. We have all done things that we might later regret, that we can’t change then there is forgiveness that creates peace in life and in the face of death.

When we can begin to come to terms with ourselves and feel inner peace and self-love, then we have taken a big step in preparing for a peaceful death.

In Ayurveda, there is a deep knowledge and wisdom about the process of dying and the final death.

It can be difficult to understand that death can be seen as the greatest personal, spiritual development we can ever assume. If we take the courage to explore this, we have the opportunity to create the death we desire.

Exactly when, where and how death occurs, is not something we know. We just know that with the preparation we make now that we are alive, we will be able to guide us through the process of death in a way that will be beneficial.

In the Buddhist tradition as well as in Ayurveda, there is a deep knowledge and wisdom about the process of dying and dying. In the Buddhist tradition there is the deep knowledge of the various bardos. The different stages we go through after we have crossed over to the other side.

This knowledge is very much in line with all the millions of people who today describe the near-death experiences that they have experienced, at their own deaths and then returned. Browse my library for films that can inspire you.

With the help of dialogue, meditations and exercises, we can approach the landscape of our own death. By realizing our physical finite life and by preparing for our own death, we can take responsibility and create well-being through our own death process.

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Ayruveda föreläsning

I offer different lectures in Ayurveda where the purpose is to create the desire to explore more about yourself after the lecture. Taking part in a lecture means that you can get simple tools on how to start creating balance immediately.

Suggestions on different themes:

  • Ayurveda – art of Eating
  • Ayurveda – balancing your weight
  • Ayurveda – less stress and more vitality 
  • Ayurveda – life-long health and balance
  • Ayurveda – inner peace on the way to the death  

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föreläsning om ayurveda
ayurvedisk workshop

In a workshop, we spend more time, often one-two or maybe three days, to explore ourselves together with others about how we can use Ayurveda to create the best balance and a healthier life for you in the life situation you are in.

With the help of Ayurveda, yoga, breathing, meditation, various Ayurvedic routines, etc. and in dialogue with others, you will learn the different aspects that Ayurveda is based on.

We explore what health, illness, well-being, blockages and obstacles are. We explore what can be a constructive and trusting way forward.

Ayurveda is full of knowledge and life wisdom where you can bring many different tools to come home to yourself.

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Self-assesment tests


With the help of the Vata, Pitta and Kapha personality profiles, the test can help you understand your and others’ differences, similarities and the strengths each of us has. With an in-depth understanding of these concepts, we can work more efficiently and creatively by supporting our own and others’ strengths and talents.


Select 5 of the strengths you see you have, choose freely from all three columns and notice in which of the Vata, Pitta or Kapha qualities you have the most strengths.

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